Anamel Advertising


With starting of last quarter of the previous millenium and starting of the new, our management is working in balancing in order to develop our performance to suit with the developments and modern techniques, this style we thought to be effective and efficient and to support years of hard working and continuous endeavour, the management assisted by qualified cadres trained by designers, technicians, and operators having higher skills to match huge scientific progress in the field of advertisement with raw materials of high quality and international standard specifications, which reflects and achieve our success and commitment with creations, innovate wonderful designs to be executed very accurately to express clearly superior and marvelous for advertisement instrument which we produce and execute.


One of the company activities is integrated advertisement drive which distinguish the company from the beginning of studying advertisement scheme up to the designs, execution and method of outdoor and indoor distribution from smaller one to the biggest ones by the most preferred available advertisement facilities.


There's a specialized section for graphic works and offset printing which gives creative designs for all works such as booklets, folders, flyers and brochures of all types, with accurate and high resolution printing techniques, together with a specialized section for 3 dimensional designs for showroom of all types.


Established companies uses for identification large signboards signifying on-going and under construction projects. ANAMEL has long experience in this field, from design, client approval, structural calculation, steel manufacturing, concrete foundation, printing, delivery and installation.


ANAMEL is also capable of designing modules for exhibits. Experienced fabricators with high-caliber expertise in these, is equipped with machinery of great accuracy.


ANAMEL is known for creativity. Accomplishing creative conceptions of signboards, giving each design a distinguished look and shape such as dashed, protruding and composite. From steel-support fabrication, steel-based concreting, design concepts, printing, installation & maintenance.


Anamel is capable of designing and executing big and small outdoor flags. Highly sensitive to strategic planning, such as area location, windage and soil materials. Measuring the exact height and depth of the needed requirements, from the concrete to flag stand and the suitable iron and steel to use and considering all the area conditions.


This type of printing is executed with extreme accruacy using high-defintion color & high-resolution images usually used for internal purposes such as Roll-Up Stands, Pop-Up Stands and Showroom Display Posters.


ANAMEL uses the most advanced equipment to this section which in turn gives more flexibility to shapes of protruding letters. Designs using concealed lighting, reflected lighting or just lighted. Useful in exteriors or exteriors and can be fitted with control mechanisms.

This section gives outstanding range of beautiful touches for any product that needs magnification in any size. This type of work shows the product in a large scale and height, suitable for large open spaces presentations.


ANAMEL has technical cadres specializing in fixing stickers on automobiles. Equipped with high-definition printers and using imported printing materials for this type of requirement.


ANAMEL is capable of fabricating large number of presentation stands with varying shapes and sizes, according to the type of product to be displayed. Taking into considerations every major aspect of the job from designs to actual fabrication. Materials used can be metal, wood or hardened plastic depending on the clients requirements.


Quality you can see
Right from the start, you will notice the care we take in packaging our products so that they reach you in perfect condition. Each roll is suspended inside a sturdy, re-usable box. NO FLAT SPOTS - NO DINGS. Special packaging prevents any dirt or moisture from contaminating the material.

Wall Graphic vinyl is monitored during production with the tightest level of repeatability. Our roll to roll consistency is the highest in the industry. In addition to our stringent internal controls, each production run is plotted allowing the printer to guarantee identical results by using serialized material.

Uniqueness you can touch
1. Our textured embossing will add a whole new dimension to your work - the third dimension! Not only will your prints look more realistic - but they can feel real too. You can literally create images that please the eyes and the hands.

Performance you can count on
1. Many users of our embossed vinyl's find that they can increase their printing efficiency. The embossing textures have a tendency to hide many of the imperfections associated with digital printing -- as a result many users can actually print at lower resolutions / and or faster speeds.
2. Each roll of Wall Graphic is backed by our unconditional guarantee
3. Wall Graphic has been used in many parts of the world. This system has been shown to be stable under many different atmospheric conditions.
4. Our product line is constantly evaluated, tested and improved. If it can be made better -- it will be.


This type of techniques is used for engraving material surfaces ranging from stainless, aluminum, acrylic, cladding and marble. Shapes can also be cut-out from such materials to give inspiring presentations.


ANAMEL is equipped with the latest imported printer. An Ultra-Violent light Printer that is capable on printing on surfaces such as aluminum, wood, plastic, cardboard, corrugated board, stainless steel and PVC.


ANAMEL owns a complete line of photographic equipments giving images the vibrant and realistic edge in design. Showing full technical accuracy and details in every picture taken.