Anamel Advertising

Company Overview

Who are we?

ANAMEL ADVERTISING is one of the leading ADVERTISING AGENCIES in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia based in Dammam City (Eastern Province) since 1977, and enjoys good reputation by prompt delivery as well as high quality.

The Factory for Anamel Advertising is located in the light industrial area (Dallah Sanayah) with sophisticated machineries and skilled workers in all trades with advertising activities. read more


With starting of last quarter of the previous millenium and starting of the new, our management is working in balancing in order to develop our performance to suit with the developments and modern techniques...more


ANAMEL is equipped with the latest imported equipments capable of printing on any surfaces such as aluminum, wood, plastic, cardboard, corrugated board, stainless steel and PVC. ANAMEL owns a complete line and uses the most advanced equipments in the industry.
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